Nearing Retirement

As you are nearing retirement, you face some unique financial planning challenges. The average person has changed jobs 12 times over the course of her working life. That means that while you may have built up significant wealth to draw on in retirement, it may be spread out over a variety of accounts and types of investments. There could be funds and 401ks from previous employers, stock options, an employee stock purchase plan, or multiple personal brokerage accounts and IRAs. Factor in legacy concerns like funding a child's or grandchild's education and the retirement planning process can start to feel overwhelming.

At Blake Wealth Management, our SIMPLY RETIREMENT Roadmap™ process can help you assess your entire financial situation, assets, liabilities, taxes, income, and suggest strategies designed to fund the retirement lifestyle you deserve. And because your circumstances are likely to change as you approach and enter retirement, we'll be there to help you adjust your plan whenever it's needed.

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