You've enjoyed a long and successful career and you have built up what you thought was enough money to fund your retirement, but with the potential for inflation to eat into your purchasing power, coupled with the challenge of coordinating retirement income sources, you're beginning to worry that you may outlive your money. The problem is the strategies that you used to build wealth while you were still working, may not serve you as well when you begin to draw on those resources in retirement.

At Blake Wealth Management, our SIMPLY RETIREMENT Roadmap™ can help you evaluate those strategies and make sure you have a dependable, steady stream of income in retirement. We'll help you assess all your holdings; 401k, pensions, stock options to see if there are alternatives that may better suit your retirement needs. We'll also look at the tax ramifications, establish new accounts where needed and create a withdrawal strategy that you can have confidence in. With careful planning, you'll never have to worry about outliving your money, and you'll be free to enjoy a stress-free retirement.

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