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Hi, I'm Eric

Founder and lead Financial Planner of Blake Wealth Management located in beautiful, historic downtown McKinney, Texas. Over the last 25 Years as a financial advisor, I have realized that my true passion is helping women plan for a successful retirement.

On average, women earn 82% of what their male counterparts earn. This often results in lower Social Security and pension benefits, less retirement savings, but a longer average life expectancy. Overcoming the gender pay gap requires better, smarter retirement planning. Maximizing Social Security benefits, minimizing taxes, and investing smarter are critical to living the retirement you deserve.

As you approach retirement, the decisions you need to make can appear intimidating and endless. The aim of our team is to simplify this decision-making process as much as possible.

We developed our Simply Retirement Roadmap™ Process to guide you through the retirement planning process and help you make an educated and informed decision as to whether we are the right firm to guide you through retirement. However, as we work through this process together, it will also give you a framework for evaluating other firms you may be considering.

Picture of Eric Blake, CFP® in a suit standing in historic downtown McKinney, Texas
About Eric

Why It’s Essential for Women to Understand Money

If you’re like most women today, you are managing a multitude of responsibilities, constantly balancing the demands of work and family, health and exercise, and even trying to squeeze in a personal life. As multitaskers, women have learned that having a plan and learning to delegate are essential to accomplishing the things that are important to you.

What is Your Money Purpose?

For many women, understanding your purpose for your money can be the key to becoming more engaged in managing your investments. While financial goals are important, they are often too linear, impersonal and can feel restrictive. When you understand the purpose for your life, the things that are most important to you, the purpose for your money becomes clear. This clarity creates incredible motivation, inspiring you to become more engaged in your financial life.

McKinney, Texas

Blake Wealth Management is located in beautiful downtown McKinney, Texas, just one block from the historic McKinney Square. McKinney, Texas was incorporated in 1848 and is now recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. with a current population of 198,000. The city is located 30 miles north of Dallas.

McKinney proudly considers itself "Unique by Nature" because of it's rolling hills, lush trees, historic downtown square and unique neighborhoods and developments. McKinney was recently chosen as #1 Best Place to Live in America by Money Magazine. We are also proud residents of McKinney as well. Living only a few blocks from our office.

What if I don't live in McKinney or Prefer to Meet Virtually?

Geography may not be a limitation when looking to hire the right Financial Advisor for you. Whether you live in McKinney, Texas, several miles away, or anywhere in these great United States, we have the tools, technology, and resources to help you pursue your retirement goals. We currently have clients throughout the state of Texas, as well as multiple states across the country.


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