Retirement Solutions

Retirement planning is the core of what we do at Blake Wealth Management. We know that planning for a successful retirement can often feel like trying to put together a puzzle. Especially if you have pieces all over the place. A 401(k) at a previous employer (or several), a Traditional IRA over here, a Roth IRA over there. Not to mention the seemingly constant changes to tax laws impacting retirees.

Our primary objective is to help you simplify the retirement planning process into a few key components. Once these components are put together into a comprehensive retirement plan, you will start seeing the vision you have for your retirement becomes much clearer.

Retirement Planning

Our primary objective is to help you develop a retirement plan that provides the highest probability of success in achieving your goals and avoids you running out of money too soon. This also includes helping you evaluate different "what-if" scenarios, as things rarely work out exactly the way you expect. You are sure to experience unexpected life changes, economic changes, tax law changes, etc. The key to a successful retirement plan is the ongoing monitoring of your plan and making the necessary adjustments as life happens.

Retirement Income

We will help turn your nest egg into a reliable income. However, there is more to reliable income than determining how much you can take out of your portfolio. It may also mean determining how much you should take out of your portfolio based on other income sources (e.g., Social Security, pension, part-time employment) and taking tax implications into consideration. We will also help you evaluate when it may be appropriate to make adjustments as to how much you take out of your portfolio.

Tax Planning

One of the most essential parts of effective retirement planning is tax strategy. With so many different investment vehicles, account types, and more, it’s key to understand how taxes will affect your portfolios and the income you’ll need throughout retirement. We also help you plan and evaluate the most effective ways to minimize taxes on the transition of your assets to those you care about.

Investment Management

Our investment process is carefully designed to help retirement investors manage risk, improve returns, and create a reliable income stream. We will also take investment cost into consideration as well as tax efficiency. We will incorporate both a historical perspective as well as modeling of the potential impact of various economic and market scenarios in the future to help you build an investment strategy that gives you the highest probability of meeting your retirement income needs with a level of risk that you are comfortable with.

Social Security Optimization

It may seem obvious, but there is more to optimizing social security benefits than many retirees might think. Most conversations on when to start Social Security benefits focus on "maximizing" social security benefits. However, it is more important to determine how to "optimize" your social security benefits. Optimizing social security benefits also takes into consideration tax implications, other sources of income, and any other factors specific to you. Maximizing benefits is primarily if not fully, based on the unknown.. life expectancy.

Insurance Planning

Planning for the unexpected is a very important aspect of your financial life. We want to make sure that our clients are appropriately insured—optimizing cost and coverage—so that when life happens, you can rest assured that you are prepared and can focus on what matters most.

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